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1. In your opinion how can we ensure that in Northern Ireland we develop a rich diverse community in which cultural expression can be celebrated?

2. Do you have any examples of positive practice in relation to displays of flags, identity, culture and tradition that have been accepted in a positive manner by communities of different backgrounds and traditions?

3. What do you consider are the issues in respect of flags, identity, culture and tradition in your community or within Northern Ireland as a whole?

4. What barriers presently exist to making progress to become a society that understands and accepts different cultures and expressions of these? 

5. The Commission has been asked to examine and seek to co-design with all sections of our community innovative solutions to address the following:

  • the divisive nature of displays and expression of identity; 
  • specific contentious instances-events; 
  • sources of conflict which arise in displays and expression of cultural identity and in some cases of sovereignty, national identity and allegiance and which compound the reality of living in a contested society; 
  • an agreed protocol around public flag displays; and 
  • displays and expressions of identity, or objection to such displays and expressions being used to provide. 

 Please add any other relevant information to these issues.

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If a request is made to disclose responses under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we will take any requests for confidentiality into account. However, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.