Communiqué - May 2017

10 May 2017

Commission for Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition

Communiqué – May 2017

The Commission on Flags, Identity, Culture and Tradition held its eleventh meeting on 10 May 2017. The meeting was attended by Dr Dominic Bryan (Joint Chair), Neville Armstrong (Joint Chair), Richard Good, Tom Hartley, Prof. Tom Hennessey, David Robinson, Katy Radford MBE, Ian Crozier, Ian McCrea, Carl Whyte and Nelson McCausland.

The Commission discussed the following:

Engagement to date
Upcoming meetings
Proposed Seminar on the Approaches to Sectarianism and Hate Crime in Northern Ireland and Scotland
Core Principles, Values and Guidelines
Subgroup updates

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for Wednesday 14 June 2017.